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Checking up on your Outfitter
It is always a good idea to investigate before you spend your money. For references, prices, dates and more information, please give us a call at 1-406-847-2279 or mailto:info@montanahighcountry.com

When you hunt NW Montana with High Country Outfitters, you are about as far from a game farm hunt as you will ever get. We hunt some of the toughest terrain in the lower 48. Add dense cover and light human hunting pressure and you have the ingredients for some incredible trophies.

On all our guided hunts, we offer a Professional Guide for each hunter, or every two hunters. Our Guides are all trained, licensed professional people. After your game is killed, all cleaning, dressing and skinning is done by your guide, and your game is then packed out and put into cold storage. Our Professional Guides will truly work hard for you. Guides will not hunt in competition with you, their sole job is to get you into the game and provide you with a safe hunt.

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We strictly abide by the code of Ethics of the National Rifle Association, the Guides Associations, and the laws of Montana. We want you to relax, bring a good attitude , have fun and enjoy your hunt. Your physical condition will be in direct relation to how well you enjoy the hunt and your chances of success. All of our hunts are "fair chase". We do not guarantee game, but we do guarantee that we will do our best to provide you with an enjoyable hunt. Success is Quality of the Experience

World Class Montana Hunts

6 Day Spring / Fall Bear
Black Bears aren't all black - our area hunters see all colors phases: blonde, cinnamon, brown,and yes, black. T-shirt weather is the norm for our spring hunts. The bears have just come out and have their full winter's coat. We'll usually walk closed backcountry roads where the bears feed on grass, or glass open hillsides and use spot and stalk method. $2100.00

6 Day Archery Hunt
This can be six days of tremendous mixed-bag hunting. Hunt elk, deer and bear, or zero in on just one species! Our area has a high bull- to -cow ratio and many outstanding trophy elk are harvested here. We are bowhunters ourselves and love the excitement and success of calling in bulls. An extra bonus: bear can be hunted with either a bow or rifle during the archery season.

Regular Hunts - $3000.00

Pack-In Wilderness Hunts - $5500.00

6 Day Rifle Elk / Deer Combo
Hunt one species or both deer and elk. This pristine corner of Montana is noted for trophy elk, mule deer and whitetails. Each year we harvest some big bulls and we specialize in trophy whitetail bucks during the rut - late season rattlin' and stand hunting. $3100.00

6 Day Trophy Mule Deer or Whitetail Deer
Some of Montana's largest mulies have been taken from our own Cabinet Wilderness Area. This hunt offers everything the hard-core mule deer trophy hunter could ever want. Combination hunts (rifle or bow) for big Montana mulies, along with elk and black bear, are also an option. Good physical conditioning is a must. $3100.00

6 Day Mountain Lion Hunt
We only take a limited number of lion hunters. There are very good cats here, and we have enjoyed high success up to this point. Gun or bowhunters. $3800.00

Special Opportunity - 7 Day Sheep, Moose,Goat
Wonderful hunting by permit only. If you get the permit (ask us about applying), we can find your trophy. $5000.00

One-on-one hunts - $4800.00 - available for all hunt packages

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Important Deadline Information
Nonresidents: If you're late in applying for your license, you can't hunt in Montana! The deadline to apply for Deer & Elk is March 15th. Book early for best dates and hunts. 25% deposit required. Balance due 30 days prior to arrival; cash, cashier's check, or money order only, please. THERE MAY BE GUARANTEED LICENSES AFTER MARCH 15 IF THERE IS AN UNDERSELL. PLEASE INQUIRE.

Make your reservations as early as possible.

What We Provide:

  • Food and Lodging
  • Transportation to and from airport
  • Experienced guide 2:1 or 1:1
  • Pack meat and deliver to processor
  • Field trophy care

What You Provide:

  • License
  • Weapon
  • Personal Gear
Rifle and Scope Selection

Accuracy is paramount. Use a rifle that you shoot well. Although large magnums do offer some advantages, it is not necessary to purchase one for your hunt. A 30-06 is adequate for Elk, Bear, and Moose. A 270 is adequate for other species. Synthetic or laminate stocks work best in our wet climate. Rifles should be sighted in 2 inches high at 100 yards. Many people over scope for woods hunting. If you choose a variable, don't go over a 3-9 and keep it turned down while hunting. Don't ever buy a cheap scope, they can ruin an expensive hunt.

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